You see,
I tried imagining what you look like.
Do you have brown or blue eyes?
(maybe you have emerald green)
Is there a birthmark lying somewhere on your body?
Do you have freckles or a cleft chin or dimples?
(maybe you have none of those)
Does your eyes squint when you laugh?
How strong is your jaw?
I’ve even tried imagining the kinds of things you like.
Maybe you’re an athlete
and you find sports really fascinating.
(heads up, I don’t like sports,
but I’d gladly go to sports games just for you)
Maybe you play an instrument
and have a voice of an angel
(even if you don’t, I would force you to sing and play for me,
just so I can gaze at you fondly)
Maybe you’re a real academic
and books are your treasured possessions.
(we could spend our days lying on the floor of my bedroom,
next to each other, drowning ourselves in worlds beyond earth)
Maybe you’re all of these things.
Maybe you’re some of these things.
Maybe you’re none of these things.
Maybe you’re something else entirely.
Whatever and whoever you may be,
I can never really fathom what you are like,
or what things bring joy to your heart.
But I just want you to know,
I will love all of you,
from the underside of your feet
to the crown of your head,
from every crevice of your mind
to the deep chambers of your heart.
(and I hope you’ll love all of me too)